Overview Chart of Application Process

April, 2019
University of Tsukuba

Announcement of Organizational Restructuring of Graduate Schools and Programs at the University of Tsukuba (Scheduled in AY 2020)

The University of Tsukuba plans to implement organizational restructuring of graduate schools and programs in AY 2020.
Therefore, before making an application, please carefully read the following statements relative to AY 2020 graduate school admission.

  1. For the outline of the organizational restructuring plan, please visit the university’s website at:
    Note: all the names of organizations and degree programs on the website remain tentative before they get chartered.
  2. The organizational restructuring plan of graduate schools and programs must pass through a chartering process overseen by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The university is expected to file this chartering application in late April, and the application will be reviewed until late August. Therefore, entrance examinations scheduled between July and November, for which application guidelines are being published before completing the review process, will be delivered by present graduate schools and programs.
  3. If the university pass through the chartering process, successful applicants including those who take entrance examinations conducted before November will be admitted to new degree programs at the timing of admission (From April, 2020). Therefore, please carefully confirm which new degree programs succeed present graduate schools and programs before making an application.
  4. The university will release detailed information regarding to which degree programs successful applicants are being admitted in AY 2020 by publishing a comparison table on the university’s website, and strive to provide easy-to-understand information. After completing the chartering process, the university will inform successful applicants of names of degree programs to which they will belong and relevant procedures.


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Note 1:
Web Entry System (Web入力システム) is only available during the Web entry period, applicants cannot access the page by then.

Note 2: Applicants still need to submit the Supporting documents to the University of Tsukuba after completing the Web entry.

Note 3: All dates and time are shown based on JST (Japan Standard Time).


Application Procedure

check your qualifications

Work Experience

At least one year of work experience by March 2020
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Qualification 1

Applicants who have earned or will earn a Bachelor’s degree by March 2020 don’t need to go through the Eligibility screening process.

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Qualification 2

Applicants who haven’t earned a Bachlor’s degree (including those who have earned a higher degree without completing undergraduate education) need to go through the Eligibility screening process before Web entry.

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Eligibility Screening Submission
Tuesday 20th August 2019
~ Saturday 31st August 2019

Applicants with Disabilities
Applicants who have special accessibility needs due to a disability should contact the Academic Service Office referring to “13. Inquiries and Where to submit” by 31st August 2019.
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Web Entry
Tuesday 10th September 2019, 10:00 ~ Saturday 28th September 2019, 15:00

Web entry platform will be closed after the deadline.
Please make sure all a
pplicants complete the Web entry within the designated period above.

Sign up
Register an active email and any password for sign-up.
Activate your account
Applicants will receive a message to their registered email. Click the link mentioned in the message and activate the account.
Click the “login” button to proceed to “My page”. The email address and password are required at login.
My page
Click the “Application Form” button for the program which applicants would like to apply and proceed to the Web Entry. Applicants can edit their login information and reset their password.
Web Entry Form

There are four sections in this application.

1. Applicant’s Information / Program of Your Choice
2. English Test Score
3. Eligibility
4. Educational Background

Applicants must complete all mandatory fields marked with “*”. (Applicants will receive an error message and cannot proceed to the next section without correctly filling in the mandatory fields.)
Each section will be saved when clicking the “Proceed” button on each confirmation page. Applicants can continue from where they left off the next time they log in.

“1. Applicant Information / Program of Your Choice”: Upload your photograph (JPEG) for the Admission ticket.

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Application Fee Payment for the First Screening
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Web Entry Submission

Applicants can complete the Web entry process by clicking the “Submit to apply” button. Once clicking the “Submit to Apply” button, applicants won’t be able to go back to edit. Please make sure to double-check before proceeding.

A confirmation email will be sent automatically when completing the Web entry.
(Verify the email account and make sure that applicants can receive emails from the “entry.ap-graduate.tsukuba.ac.jp” domain.)

Create your Admission Ticket (PDF)
“Admission ticket” will be automatically created after completing the Web entry.
Applicants can download their Admission ticket from their my page anytime within the Web entry period. After the Web entry period is over, applicants cannot access their my page.

web entry

Supporting Documents Submission
Tuesday 10th September 2019 ~ Saturday 28th September 2019
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Result Announcement for the First Screening
Friday 25th October 2019, 15:00
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Application Fee Payment for the Second Screening
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Second Screening (Interview)
Saturday 9th November 2019 (Only for Applicants residing overseas)
Sunday 10th November 2019 (For Applicants residing in Japan)
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Result Announcement for the Second Screening (Final Result)
Friday 29th November 2019, 15:00
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Admission Procedure
Before the mid-February 2020
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As of 1st April 2020



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  • 博士前期課程
  • 経営システム科学専攻
  • 企業法学専攻
  • 専門職大学院
  • 法曹専攻
  • 国際経営プロフェッショナル専攻
  • 博士後期課程
  • システムズマネジメントコース
  • 企業法コース
  • 人間総合科学研究科
  • 博士前期課程
  • カウンセリングコース
  • リハビリテーションコース
  • 修士課程
  • スポーツ健康システムマネジメント専攻
  • 博士後期課程
  • 生涯発達科学専攻
  • 3年制博士課程
  • スポーツウエルネス学位プログラム
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