11. Admission Procedures, 12. Others, 13. Inquiries and Where to submit

All dates and time are shown based on JST (Japan Standard Time).

11.Admission Procedures

Must be completed by Friday 14th February 2020

Fees (as of April 2019, for your reference)
Admission fee: JPY 282,000
Tuition: JPY 535,800 / per year
(Total in two years JPY 1,353,600)


Documents necessary for the Admission procedures will be sent to the final successful candidates together with the Notification of Acceptance.

Note 1: If there is any change in the Fees during the school year, the newly adopted amount will be applied.

Note 2: The Admission fee will NOT be refunded, even to applicants who decline the offer of admission after completing the Admission procedures.

Note 3: Tuition fees should be paid by automatic account transfer AFTER enrollment. Please pay the Admission fee ONLY at the time of the Admission procedures.


Your application will not be accepted if:
– the application requirements and documents fail to be complete;
– the application documents including official score of English proficiency test are delivered after the designated period.

You cannot make changes to the information on the Web Entry System and the Application documents once you submit them. Make sure to double-check before submitting

All the Application documents and Signature/Seal on the documents must be original.

Application documents and application fee will not be returned to the applicants.

The University of Tsukuba is unable to assist applicants in finding accommodation for the Entrance Examination.

Any telephone or email inquiries about results will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Multiple enrollment in other graduate level programs of the University of Tsukuba as well as other universities is not allowed.

13.Inquiries and Where to submit

Academic Affairs Section (MBA-IB),
Academic Service Office for the Business Sciences Area,
University of Tsukuba

Address: 3-29-1 Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0012, Japan
Tel: +81(0)3-3942-6918
Inquiry: http://www.mbaib.gsbs.tsukuba.ac.jp/contact-us/

Submit in person:
Mondays: 13:00 ~ 18:30
Tuesdays to Saturdays: 13:00 ~ 19:00

Note: Application will not be accepted on Sundays, National Holidays and on those dates the University of Tsukuba will hold events.

Privacy Policy:
Results from the entrance examination, as well as personal information obtained by the University of Tsukuba from the application documents, will be used not only for affairs concerning admission and screening, but also research and study aimed at improvement of the admission procedure and the university education. We will carefully take care of the data not to be disclosed as a specific person. Also, we will use the data to screen students for scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization, which are offered to individuals who have completed the Admission Procedure.

Security Export Control:
University of Tsukuba has established the University of Tsukuba Rules on Security Export Control in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, and conducts strict examinations for acceptance of international students, etc. International applicants who fall under any of the conditions set out in said regulations may be unable to enter their desired course or program.



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